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Teo Chew Restaurant @ Damansara Jaya, PJ : My Third Place

There is three place that I spent the most time in when I am in KL. First would obviously be my home in KL. Second, being in the rat race itself, would be my workplace. The first two places are typical for normal rat racers. The third place though, which I believe would differ from people to people, and as for me is actually the communal house. What?? In my own definition:

Communal house – “a place where like-minded people hang out and mostly bum around doing nothing much other than enjoying each other’s company and presence”

For me, my communal house is strategically located near to me and at the same time conveniently sheltering few of my bestest of friends – Y, L and E, which is actually why the place is the communal place anyway. So if you don’t find me at home sleeping/doing the usual things at home or at work earning my dough, you would most likely find me at the communal house bumming around. The thing with bumming around is, there is nothing you wanna do other than nothing. Not even when your stomach starts making sounds. Sometimes we would be bad enough to just order food in and continue bumming, but sometimes when the lure of food is strong enough and the delivered food are no longer satisfying, we would drag ourselves out of the house to the nearest comfort food place – Teochew Noodles.

My good friend L once say her comfort food is just a bowl of Chinese noodle soup, I must say it has its good reasons. Imagine a big bowl of soupy goodness, with fresh juicy meats (fish/chicken/pork) and rice noodles so soft it slides down your throat. That is what I call simple food at its best.

Fishball Noodle @ Teo Chew Restaurant, Damansara Jaya, PJ

This hidden place, with the shop in a inner road of Damansara Jaya, facing the Atria supermarket, which may not seem so hidden after all as every time as we go there, it seems to be almost pack with people. Most of them are families, having their meal together, so us a bunch of boisterous girls are a bit of a stand out, but still it did not deter us or anyone there in enjoying their meal.

Here you first pick your choice of noodle, flat rice noodles, vermicelli, yellow noodles or mee sua, to go with your soup and fishballs. Then if you are feeling ravenous you can actually add on with extra ‘liu’ (ingredients) such as fish maw (one of my favourite), seaweed, various yong tau fu usual suspects like fish paste stuff in tofu, brinjal, chili, bittergourd and the lots, to up the goodness in taste and nutrition for your bowl of noodles.

Yong Tau Fu @ Teo Chew Restaurant, Damansara Jaya, PJ

Y and L like to order the noodle kon-lou (dry tossed in light and dark soy sauce) and have the soup with the fishballs and whatever else in another bowl. As for me I always go for the soupy goodness for somehow nothing beats the comfort in a bowl of piping hot noodle soup. Also another must order here is the freshly made fish cake that is fried to almost perfection – for me which is void of excess oil.

Fried Fish Cake @ Teo Chew Restaurant, Damansara Jaya, PJ

No matter which way you enjoy your bowl of noodles and your soup of simple luxuries, you will be guarantee to have a full good meal with a satisfied smile at the end of it. On top of that, the young Shaolin-look-alike owner, who is ever so friendly, chatting us up most of the time with his good English, does make the overall experience much better. As for us the girls, we will then rub our tummies and then slowly move back to the communal house for further bumming around.

Teo Chew Restaurant
10, Jalan SS22/21,
Damansara Jaya
03 7725 9139

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