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Malaysia Flogger #2: Babe in the City – KL

This post is late. Why? Because I spent most of my free time reading wonderful stories of mothers and grandmothers across the globe, bath in their various cultures and different lives, celebrating with their joy and empathizing with their pain. It was definitely a great theme, where it brought us all spilling our hearts out. Do head on to both Vanielje Kitchen and Passionate Palate, for the full roundups of love, love and more love.

Anyway, back to Malaysia after that world tour, for this round, another seasoned food blogger will be featured. It is non other than Babe from Babe in the city – KL. When I first surf into her blog, I was imagining a young babe cruising the streets of KL city, but when I read on I realize, this is actually one hot mama churning out wonderful food from her kitchen as well as bringing us around in her honest food reviews. She was also the founder of the only Malaysia food event – Merdeka Open House. I guess this famous Babe does not need much more of introduction from me, therefore let’s get on with knowing her even more:

1. Tell us a bit bout yourself – name, background, born and bred, work/study, dreams or plans

Babe_kl is born and bred in Kuala Lumpur. Prefer to remain anonymous for the sake of keeping some mystery at stake.

2. Age old question, what got you into blogging, besides the love of food of course

I was inspired by the now defunct Shiokadelicious way back in 2004. Started out without much direction, just simply post whatever I had wanted to write. Not sure how I got into serious food blogging… accidental I guess.

3. How long have you been food blogging?

3 years, 3 months, 16 days as of 7 Nov 2007.

4. What has food blogging bring/done to you?

Lots of new friends!!!

5. Who/what got you obsess with food/cooking?

I guess my parents played an important part since they loved to hunt for new places to try out. Later on as I started working, I have lots of foodies colleagues who took me to various places that I would never discover on my own.

6. What is one food you always wanted to try/cook/bake but have yet to do so and why

Chiffon cake!!!! Can you believe it? I’m not good with handling egg whites and I have heavy hands plus I’m a procrastinator heh… Hopefully I will pluck up my courage to try making my first chiffon cake.

7. What would be your one comfort food that will sure brighten the day?

As a foodie, I can’t single out one comfort food as it goes depending on my mood.

8. Sweet or savoury?


9. Name one food addiction and tell us how you go about it (avoiding/ indulging/ making/ sharing).

Ribena, I guess. I got this addiction after I gave birth. I must have one bottle on hand and another bottle in my larder on stand by! I mix Ribena in cold water; hot earl grey tea; vodka and sometimes turn it into sorbet. I can’t live without Ribena now!!!!

10. One Malaysian dish you can’t do without and why

Must be the national favourite – nasi lemak. Can’t explain, it’s a Malaysian thing!

11. Name one cuisine you love and would need a fix for now and then

Banana Leaf Rice

12. Tell us your favourite post of all time – favourite recipe/food review

Hard to pinpoint since my posts are basically for me to archive what I’ve cooked and ate. Very handy for me to perform a search this way rather than flipping through my piles of printouts and books.

13. Some advices for the budding or new food bloggers in Malaysian scene

Be sincere and honest with what you write but most importantly, don’t make it as a habit to treat every eating session as “work” (i.e. take photos, jotting down notes etc). Just enjoy and have fun.

14. Drop a message for your readers and the food fans out there

Thanks for coming by Babe in the City – KL and linking it as well. I am grateful with all the comments left by the readers and not forgetting to mention the emails complimenting my blog or posts. As for queries, please give me a bit of time to feedback. Your patience is appreciated.

Thank you so much to rokh of Tham Jiak for starting this brilliant project even though she’s so busy with her own things. Your effort is highly commendable. I just hope you can continue to feed us more about your childhood stories and experiences with your ahma. These are gems and truly unique to each of us.

15. Share with us a must make recipe/a must eat place (send along a picture if available)

Babe in the City – KL everything is there LOL… very hard to pinpoint.

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