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Passions of Kerala @ Penang

L is a good friend of mine. We have known each other since we were 11. This is how it happened; we sat together in class because at that time, the teachers arranged us according to our position in class and we so happen to have the same results. From there, our adventures are endless. […]

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Egg Tarts Recipe : Exploring My Origins

I am a Chinese, inside out. My mother and father, and both their father’s mother and so forth are all Chinese. In other words, I am a typical Chinese. My mother’s father, came directly from China, during the time many immigrants flocked here to seek a better life. Coincidently, my mother’s mother came to Malaysia […]

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Oriental Cravings @ One Utama : Going Oriental to Soothe Cravings

Mum is up in KL for the Deeparaya holidays. This would only mean, shopping! Whee! Before I shifted over, we (my mum, sis and I), used to come up every year without fail to shop for Chinese New Year attires. Now, with my sis and me living here now, my mum would come up every […]