Tham Jiak, which means in some ways “love to eat” in Chinese Hokkien, is the ultimate guide to Malaysian food.

Here you can find recipes on Malaysia’s food and beyond, from the experiments of a food enthusiast in a Malaysia’s kitchen. She cook and bake out of sheer curiosity, in order to taste it and sometimes in urge to want to preserve the heritage, but in the end nothing beats the feeling of feeding a loved one.

You will also find reviews on various hawkers and restaurants in Malaysia, not only on local food but also everything else.


Tham Jiak – Malaysia food guide aims to help you understand Malaysia culture and food (two things that are tightly interwoven) and what it is all about.

Malaysia food is still very much underrated in the world arena and this site aims to bring it to where it belongs – somewhere up there in the tastes of the world. Have a try at Malaysia food and you will know what I mean, with its varieties, spices and tastes that delights!


ROKH is a Malaysian Hokkien, which explains the title of the name. She is born and bred in a tiny town up north in Malaysia called Taiping, and have moved to the big city ever since university, where she had explore widely into her love for food.

Read more about this tham jiak girl from way back here.


She had been blogging since 2006, from her humble beginnings of experimenting in her little kitchen and then onwards to working, which expanded her wallet and thus her eating out repertoire, after all who can resist the lure of Malaysia’s food out there?


In most times ROKH is blogging from Malaysia, but sometimes you may find her eating her way around the world, as travel is a second passion of hers. But still no matter how far and long she went, she always find that Malaysia is not only where her heart belongs, it is also where her hunger can only truly be satiated!

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