Malaysian restaurants are well known for its mind-boggling choices. you can go from dingy stalls by the roadside (though getting lesser nowadays) to the high end ‘atas’ (sort of meant posh) place for food ranging from local to fusion to of course international. If you are here in search to eat Malaysian local food, fret not as we also have those choices from stalls to restaurants to fine dining, choose your own poison!

Besides that Malaysia also bodes many affordable yet delicious international cuisine. You may find good restaurants of food from our neighbor, who to me is one of the best cuisine in the world especially after my stint at Bangkok few years back, which is Thai. While you may also find lots of restaurants on Italian cuisine, it does seem like Malaysians take a liking towards Italian. We Malaysians also show a certain liking towards Japanese, therefore you may find various choices for this cuisine, mostly restaurants, various fine dines as well as down to those sushi chains. Besides that you have everything else, almost anything that you might want, such as French, middle eastern, American, Tex-Mex, Korean, Taiwanese and lots more! though as much as you would love to try all Malaysian food, these are worth exploring if you have the time as well.

Klang Valley:

Kuala Lumpur

Petaling Jaya







Port Dickson

East Malaysia:


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