In our humble Malaysian home, we will find various cooking of sorts. Just trying to tie down the type of cooking for Malaysian home is almost impossible. This is due to the fact that in Malaysia, we have influences from each other’s culture thus creating a plethora of wonderful fusion of food that came to known as Malaysian food.

For the Chinese, as i am one, not only have we fused in terms of clans, such as Hokkien marrying a Hakka (my parents), which might be something less of a phenomenon in china as clans are normally quite confine to their geographical places, we have came up with foods that are neither here nor there, but definitely ‘somewhere’ when it comes to tastes.

Besides that we have the inter-marriage happening among the dominant races in Malaysia – Chinese, Malay and Indian. one of the obvious and popular mix was the Peranakan, Chinese and Malay, which is famous for its delicious cooking. Not to forget is also the Mamak, Indian and Malay, that has a set of food on their own that are enjoy by everyone in Malaysia and beyond.

Recipes from the kitchen of Malaysia, you may find cooking of Chinese, Malay, Indian, Orang Asli (indigenous) and then the mixes of in between that would guarantee to delight your palate. And in betweens I would throw in some recipes from everywhere else, how can one not be when there are so many food blogs out there that entice me to try their recipes! Enjoy.

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