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Malaysia Flogger #5: Kampung Boy City Gal

Wow, time sure flies especially when you are having fun, and even more so when you are in a routine. Am I making sense here? Anyway, what have I been doing every since my last post of year 2007, saying goodbye to so many good eats, and now saying hello (hopefully) to even more good eats? Well I had been trying to upgrade this little blog of mine, nothing big, did not have my own domain yet, but I have just upgraded the blogger template to the new version (yes, finally!) and the only reason is because I found that the old one had limitations to only 20 posts per label and with no ‘older posts’ link to see more. So there I prayed, I clicked and then I swore (pardon me); I had to do some major repair after that to have back all the links and so forth that I had coded in HTML one by one (yes, I am a geek) and then phew, it looked pretty much the same again now. One thing though, I am in the midst of getting a new layout, new look, new feel, after all my blog is now in its 3rd year, and like kids where 3rd year is their ripe age of discoveries and tantrums (no, I do not have kids and don’t ask me how I know about this), where usually a change is inevitable. So look out for it, I can’t say when knowing my crazy work schedules and my ever procrastinating self.

Speaking of new look, new feel and new domain, Malaysia’s very own sweet couple, Kampung Boy and City Gal had just shifted to their own ‘home’, so it is the best time for the Malaysia Floggers interview again! Since the time they started up till now, 2 years later I am still very much in awe with their sweetness and love. They are practically the best food blogging couple, or maybe in every other category as well, for their dedication to each other as well as their passion for food, of course. Just by their name, explaining the boy from the ‘kampung’ (village) and the girl from the city, two really different people, enjoying the same passion for food and now sharing it with the world. Nearly everyone in the Malaysia food blogging scene, bloggers and readers alike, know this amicable couple well and look forward to more of their drool-worthy posts. Oh, I also had to mention that their frequent posts on Ipoh dim sum had me hankering to try it ever since their first introduction two years ago, where it had me every time ‘plan’ to leave Taiping early before going back to KL to stop by Ipoh for dim sum, though it had yet to happen, but I guess maybe the next trip? Anyway, not to wait any longer, read on for the interview I did with City Gal and then right after, head on to their new blog site to enjoy the new stuffs, I personally love their dramatized ‘about us’ page:

Malaysia Flogger @ Kampung Boy City Gal
Malaysia Flogger @ Kampung Boy City Gal

1. Tell us a bit bout yourself – name, background, born and bred, work/study, dreams or plans

Citygal is an Ipoh girl in her early 20s that loves to eat, think, dream, crave and devour food, has an infinite wish list with wishes such as more money, bigger boobs, latest gadgets, etc. She is also the one who does the writting and reply to every single comments of you faithful readers.

Kampungboy is an “Anak Kampung”from Kuala Terengganu, in his early 20s, living by the motto of “sek dai hei fook” (eating is a true blessing). With the artsy gene in him, he is the person behind these great shots that makes one drool.

2. Age old question, what got you into blogging, besides the love of food of course

Exactly two years ago, our very first post on Kuala Terengganu steamed keropok lekor was born…..Till now, the passion of blogging is still growing strong. We believe that our passion shines through our posts and pictures.

3. How long have you been food blogging?
We have been doing this for two years and apparently we are celebrating the second anniversary of KampungboyCitygal on the 30th of December (two days later) in our new home

4. What has food blogging bring/done to you?
We made a lot of new friends along the way. Makan outing with the floggers and readers is simply awesome and carefree.

5. Who/what got you obsess with food/cooking?
My parents are very adventurous in scouring food around that I have developed the love for food since a very young age. I love to have the more adventurous accompaniments, like sheep’s stomach or pork blood to be in my bowl of noodles and rice too.

6. What is one food you always wanted to try/cook/bake but have yet to do so and why
100% homemade fish ball without salicylic acid added to increase its palatability. KampungBoy’s mum can make impeccable bouncy and springy fish ball but it requires a lot of hard work. We were so determined to get some fresh fishes from the market, scrap the flesh off, and throw the fleshes against a hard surface to work it into glue with a strong forearm. Hmmm maybe one fine day we’ll do it, one fine day……

7. List some food blogs that inspires you or got you hooked
I used to be a big fan of and before I started my own blog. I still check on their blog regularly but my latest addictions would be and

8. What would be your one comfort food that will sure brighten the day?
A good plate of nasi lemak with the usual condiments like sambal, fried ikan bilis, chicken, cucumber slices and egg. The rice has to be aggregated loosely together, instead of wet and clumpy. Of course the killer factor would be the fiery red and thick sambal sauce!

9. Sweet or savoury?
Both!! Citygal is a sucker for sweet stuff where all her meals need to be ended with a cup of good ol’ coffee or sinful desserts. Kampungboy loves all thing savoury, especially soupy dishes.

10. Name one food addiction and tell us how you go about it (avoiding/indulging/making/sharing).
Ipoh Dim Sum it is. We would make a trip back to Ipoh to satisfy our dim sum cravings every now and then.

11. One Malaysian dish you can’t do without and why
Nasi Lemak. Can you imagine life without nasi lemak? The triangle shaped delight that we can have it for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and supper.

12. Name one cuisine you love and would need a fix for now and then
Tom Yam with its unique sour and spicy taste, pronounced chilli flavor and fragrant herbs is simple irresistible. It is a great cure whenever one of us is down with flu.

13. Tell us your favourite post of all time – favourite recipe/food review
My first attempt on curry fish head – It is so not me because I find it hard to drag myself into whipping up a dish that requires a lot of work. Eventually I did it and I’m fairly happy with the outcome.

14. Some advices for the budding or new food bloggers in Malaysian scene
I would like to reiterate my appreciation for the effort you all are doing on behalf of those of all the food lovers out there. Keep up the good work. Enjoy eating as much as we do and be passionate about it.

15. Drop a message for your readers and the food fans out there
Thanks for dropping by and leaving comments. You guys are the main factor that keeps us going on. Our passion for food blogging is continuously fueled by you guys.

16. Share with us a must make recipe/a must eat place (send along a picture if available)
Do try out the sinful butter crabs at Wong Poh Aman Suria – and not to forget our all time favourite Foh San Dim Sum, Ipoh –

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