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I am MAD. Well, disappointed mainly. I had attempted my hands at making madeleines but it failed. These madeleines tasted like, well, just mini butter cakes. Besides, it was kind of too eggy to my liking, I suspected the eggs I used were not fresh enough. And of course, the mould that I use was not the madeleines mould, I just used the mini tart mould that I happen to chance upon while out with my dad and bought it along with a hand sifter (my dad pays, I’m unemployed and broke, he-he). The results are not up to my expectation, as this recipe was a hit out there with the KC forum members, so I am hoping it would be some great pop-in-the-mouth madeleines. Oh well, the problem surely lies with me, I just have to find out where (besides the not-so-fresh-eggs and the not-the-right-mould). Maybe I should try some other fail-proof Madeleine recipes out there. Any suggestions?


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you reminded me of my own pizza mess…. i was noeurvs about sliding a pizza from the peel onto the stone in the oven for the first time so i pulled the oven rack out thinking having it closer to me would be easier. well.. the pizza hit the stone and kept on going. half stayed on the stone and the other half broke off and fell to the bottom of the oven. burning cheese, peppers etc. in the oven, smoke alarm going off, and i ended up eating cereal for dinner 🙁

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