Chinese New Year Food for Thought

Chinese New Year : Too Much of Good Things

Been back to my home town as I said I would, where every year relatives from near and far try their best to return because of both my grandmothers, Ah Ma and Pho Pho. Just for the reunion day itself, I had already indulged in so much food, here is just a glimpse of some of them that I managed to captured:

Chinese Feast @ Chinese Recreation Club, Taiping, Malaysia
Chinese Feast @ Chinese Recreation Club, Taiping, Malaysia

Yes, and that is just for PRE-Chinese new year. I wonder if my tham jiak tummy can take more to come. Anyhow, this is one case where too much of good things is still good, great even!

I wish you all Happy Chinese New Year新年快樂. Till we meet again after all the feastings and gamblings!

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