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Som Tam: How much do I love thee?

This much: Som tam (Thai/Isan ส้มตำ) is a spicy papaya salad originating in Laos and the Isan region of northeastern Thailand. Som (ส้ม) in Isan and Lao means “sour,” and tam (ตำ) means “pounded.” – wikipedia There is so much to say about this simple […]

Kanom Jeen @ Bangkok Market

You know, as good writer you have to be able to write under any circumstances, under any amount of time and under any environment. I want to test my that ability. (psst, this is an excuse to blog in the middle of my working time, […]

Bangkok Street Food : Aroi

How long since I have abandon this blog? I guess we better skip the I’m-so-sorry part and get right down to business. Yes I’ve been to Bangkok once again, if any of you have guess with me missing in action, and work life has just […]

Hong Kong Food Still in Exposure

It continues… Next into the street food, the highlight was the chow tau fu (stinky tofu!) well, I tried it! From far you can smell a distinct unpleasant smell where first thing that comes to your mind is a huge smelly drain. But as you go […]