Cyberjaya Malaysia Nyonya Cuisine Reviews

Cyberjaya Series 1: Dengkil Nasi Lemak

When I first found that I am going to shift to Cyberjaya for work, the infamous concrete jungle of Klang Valley about 30km from the heart of anywhere, the first thing that pops to my mind was “what am I going to eat for lunch!!??” Indeed it was a valid question, for both tham jiak or otherwise […]

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Best of Penang Food 2

11.02 am J and I got Jalan Penang (road) for a fix of something icy, this time it is cendol. But it is not like the ordinary cendol we can get others places as this one apparently is Teochew style. We ordered for a bowl and got into the restaurant, where this stall is parked […]

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Best Rojak in KL @ TTDI, KL : Cham-cham of Cultures

Rojak is one of the unique cuisine of Malaysia. The word rojak is of Malay origin, which means, cham-cham, that is the mixture of things. Who would ever know that mixture of this and that from each culture would form such a medley wonderful tastes that excites the palate. There are two distinct rojak here in Malaysia, […]

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Cendol @ Taman Megah : You Gotta Be Cool

Just like how Boo from masak-masak complained bout the weather, I am here to do so too. Luckily recently the weather is cooling down, but few days before it was like living in the middle of volcano. The sun was so scorching hot I sometimes believe my hair would sizzle if I stay any longer […]