Soho Free House @ Penang

Come weekend and with a friend from mainland visiting, the first thing that I wanted to do is EAT! Naturally – since my dream during my final year here in university is to review as many restaurants as I can. Although money is always a […]

Pintail Restaurant @ Penang : Girls’ Night Out

One of the exuberance of youth to me is going out on dates. It gives you this surge in self confidence as you know someone had actually asked you out and would like to know you better. It’s a great feeling when someone takes an […]

Best Penang Laksa @ Kek Lok Si : In Search of Good Eats

I am back in my hometown, Taiping with J! Yes, finally everything is over, I am now graduated, or can be said unemployed. Since I’m now in Taiping, you can be sure to look forward to lots of food review. But for that, you got […]

Hongkie Kopitiam @ Penang : Little Hong Kong

Life has been the same. Now nearing my final year project subsmission, life just turn a lot more hectic. As usual, L came again, with more wonderful fare from up north Malaysia. This time is another Hong Kong wannabe bistro in Malaysia, which I had talked […]