Mexican Food @ Blue Diamond Inn, Penang

This is another guest post from my dearest friend, which I would use as an escape for me from my own proper posting. Enjoy again on Penang food fare, but this time something of a hole in a wall, hidden even from most Penangites. It […]

Best of Penang Food 3

Life has been really busy and my kitchen had been feeling pretty lonely lately, but my tummy is still filled contently. This would be my final part of Penang food endeavour, which I had held off for far too long. I hope I would be […]

Best of Penang Food 2

11.02 am J and I got Jalan Penang (road) for a fix of something icy, this time it is cendol. But it is not like the ordinary cendol we can get others places as this one apparently is Teochew style. We ordered for a bowl […]

Best of Penang Food

I have just notice that one main reason of the scarcity of post is not just because the lack of free time, but also my own expectations from it. Every time I wanted to rush to post up something, I would in the end put […]