Malaysia Floggers

Malaysia Flogger #5: Kampung Boy City Gal

Wow, time sure flies especially when you are having fun, and even more so when you are in a routine. Am I making sense here? Anyway, what have I been doing every since my last post of year 2007, saying goodbye to so many good eats, […]

Malaysia Flogger #4: Eat First Think Later

This is just the right time for my feature one of our well known Malaysia flogger, Teckiee of Eat First Think Later, albeit a bit late – but better late than never, as it was her birthday few days back. Teckiee, happy belated birthday! I hope […]

Malaysia Flogger #3: Audrey Cooks

When is the next dosage of our Malaysian flogger (food blogger), you might ask. Oh, it seems that it is here again. Who is it this time, behind the curtains of long time food blogging in Malaysia scene? It is non other than Audrey from […]

Malaysia Flogger #2: Babe in the City – KL

This post is late. Why? Because I spent most of my free time reading wonderful stories of mothers and grandmothers across the globe, bath in their various cultures and different lives, celebrating with their joy and empathizing with their pain. It was definitely a great […]